Favorite Accessoires To Upgrade An Outfit

Earrings: jewelry always upgrades an outfit but wearing a lot of rings, having a huge arm party going on or layering chains can be uncomfortable especially in summer and for work. I found a perfect solution: statement earrings! I am working in the cosmetic industry and I can tell you when putting someones makeup on you really don't want to be wearing rings and bracelets. I always wear statement earrings when I am working and believe me when I say get a lot compliments for my earrings!
I got both of the following pieces from 
happiness boutique- It's a really cool German based online shop and they offer free shipping as well as a reward program  yeahhii

cute bags:I love bags! But it can get really annoying running around with a huge bag all day and that is why I prefer to wear smaller bags. When it comes to clutches and crossbars don't be shy and don't hesitate to pick the brightest color! What i also love are bags that don't look like bags (ex moschino biker jacket, Tshirt , Spray or chanel lait de coco)but for now I can only afford the Zara chips ;P

Silk scarves: I am a huge fan of scarves in generals, but i have to say that silk ones are my favorites. Not only are they the most chick ones but they also are multifunctional (you can use them as a scarf, bracelet, knot them on your bag etc)

Lipsticks : „If you're sad, add more lipstick and attack.” . Coco Chanel 
Is there anything more to add? ;)

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  1. Great tips. Nothing makes an outfit than a bold accessory.





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