Today I am telling you about my third day at the 
MBFW in Berlin. In comparison to the second day it was really relaxed, i only had five shoes to visit. I was happy, that there was more time to check the counters out and to meet new people.

The first show was the Paper London Show presented by Elle. I was really excited about the show, because a lot of celebrities are wearing paper London and that raised my expectations. My expectations were satisfied! The dresses where stunning and all in all it was a great show.
Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures, so i only have one picture (It was my favdress&I love the Mickey Mouse ears).

Glaw was the next show and It was full of Vlogger/Bloggers and German celebrities. I did not really like everything but when an outfit was appealing I really loved it. Some picture of my favorite pieces:

Next show: William Fan. The collection was sporty and elegant. Full of androgynous and clean look's, which I prefer. At the end of the show every model (boys&girls) wore a striped jacket, I liked this kind of uniformity.

Before we went to our next show we made a little stop at the BloggerBazaar Loft

 Ioana Ciolacu's show was full of oversized pieces and fringes. I loved the hair& makeup! To be honest I only concentrated on the hair&makeup-looks instead of the cloths (shame on me)

The last show to visit was Zukker. I do not really know what to say about the show, because I did not have a good look at the cloths. When I saw something I did not really like it(except for one oversized dress/sweater with fur) and again I took no pictures.

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