Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin Day2

Tim Kraehnke, Condé Nast Verlag

Tim Kraehnke, Condé Nast Verlag
You might ask yourself why I start with the second day. Well, I have to admit that I missed two shows at the first day (shame on me) and that is why I had to start the fashion week on Tuesday.
Before I went into the Fashion Week tent I met my friend Wanya (check out her blog!) and we took some pictures for The Myself magazine. That day was packed full of shows! I had seven shows to visit but I only managed to see five.
My outfit:
Turtleneck: similar

The first show I visited was Minx by Eva Lutz. It was full of German celebrities and I was so happy to sit in the front row next to them! The cloths were wearable, nothing to fancy or crazy. I loved the evening dresses specially the pastel ones, but the highlight was definitely the gold dress.
(Some pictures of my favorite pieces)

The next show I visited was Barre Noire and again front row. I loved the conspicuous pieces with a lot of prints or special (kind of shiny) material and these pieces were mixed with basics/muted colors. Again some pictures of my favPieces

Rebekka Ruétz's "fairytail" show was the next one. Perfect name for that show, because the hair and makeup was reminding me of Johnny Depp in "Alice in wonderland". When I think back to the show I can only remember chains, a huge amount of chains! At the end of the show a model held a chair with the message "Fake Fur Only" on it.Unfortunately I don't have good quality pictures this time. 

The Marc Cain show was one with the most celebrities (Liz Hurley, Katie Holmes,Sylvie Meis). I would say that the best thing about this show was that I met Chiara Ferragni. She is so pretty!
The show didn't really started like a normal runway show. First they played an act and suddenly everybody was dancing.

The last and my personal favorite show was DIMITRI. I loved this show! Everything was so perfect! The hair & makeup, the music and of course the cloths. Seriously , I would wear every piece of the collection! The accessories had an ethno look (belts and bags) and some dresses and hair accessories reminded me of a Greek goddess. It was the best colletion!

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  1. Gorgeous pants!

  2. Love your pants and amazing photos!

  3. love your bag



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